April 9, 2008

So I'm moving...

to WordPress. :-)

Here's a link.

April 3, 2008

Feminist Uprising

Excuse me for my rant, but I started thinking about this whilst being the domestic goddess that I am, doing dishes and making lunch.

For as long as it's been in business, I've always wanted to try Hooters wings. I've heard nothing but good things about them. Hubby has been there, raves about the food. However, he also claims that it's a "family place" and that we should take our kids there for dinner sometime.


This is where I have a problem. I'm all for some good wings, especially when good wings are few and far between out here. California doesn't consider wings a main dish, they consider them appetizers, and usually serve them boneless. But I digress, I refuse...no, I adamantly refuse to take our kids (and more specifically, our daughter) to a restaurant where they make money by having scantilly-clad women serve you your food. Of all the things I don't want my daughter to learn, this tops the list: your boobs and your ass were not put on your body to put money in your - or worse yet, "the man's," pocket!!!!

Oy. I can understand a girl working there because I'm sure the tips are incredible, but c'mon. A family place? Really? No thanks. I'll take my wings to go.

April 2, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Beth pooped on the potty! All on her own too, no prompting from me, save for two remarks the day prior about it. I finally have a big girl!!!! All I have to do now is get her to use the big potty instead of her little plastic potty. We bought her a Dora the Explorer toilet seat adaptor, we just have to make her realize that the big potty is the same thing, only cooler, than the little one.

I promise, folks, someday I'll stop blogging about bathroom things.

So I'm very eager to get this babysitting thing rolling. Beth needs an outlet, someone to play with. She bores easily and has been deliberately disobeying me with regards to her brother. Plus, we could really use the money. We want to get gym memberships when we get the "stimulus package" next month, and we'd need an extra $60 per month to do this. We're gym snobs, we only want memberships at 24 Hr. Fitness. We were members there when we first moved out here and they're really nice facilities. The one down the road from us is awesome, they have a pool, a hot tub, and a sauna. I LOVE saunas. You feel like a million bucks after getting out of it.

Plus, I'm on a mission. I'm done making babies; it's time to get serious about dropping the weight. I've got a lot to lose, about 80-90 pounds. We've done pretty good about changing our eating habits, we're back to the low-carb lifestyle. Just need to up the activity level! The way we figure it, Rob will get up extra early and go work out with his uncle. I'll go after both kids are bathed and the youngest is in bed. I don't really want to work out at night, but it's really my only time, unless I drop them both off at the childcare place at the gym and I'm not sure how I feel about doing that. I don't know what kind of experience those people have, ya know?

This blog has gone on forever. I shall end.

April 1, 2008

The Wonder That Is Grocery Outlet

So it's kind of a dive as far as grocery stores go, especially sitting less than a block away from Lucky. And you can't do ALL of your shopping there. BUT...the prices will leave you speechless! I got about $100 worth of groceries for less than $50! I was astounded! Oscar Mayer lunch meat for $1.50. Packages of Libby's frozen broccoli for $.99. And much much more. I'm just so tickled because it's right across the road from our parking lot!

In other news, Beth is doing really well with potty training! She wears underwear all day and always goes pee-pee in the potty. We're still working on the poop, but I'm totally optimistic! I thought we'd be at this for months and it's only taken about 10 days! There's something to be said for waiting until you're sure they're truly ready.

I'm having issues with Baby Boy, though. Now that he's so good at rolling from back to tummy, he's doing it in his crib and waking himself up every time. I've tried a sleep positioner, but he just flips over inside of it! Aye. I don't know what to do! No sleep for this mama.

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