February 28, 2009

Am I seriously down to once a week?

Oy. My apologies to whomever still reads my blog. I've been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger lately. We've either been driving back and forth to Pittsburgh or I've been plastered to the computer trying to find a job. Initially, I wanted to find a job in Pittsburgh. Now, I just want to find a job anywhere...Pittsburgh, Erie, Cranberry, Meadville. All up and down the western side of Pennsylvania, I'm open to suggestions. I've got about a dozen resumès/applications out, most of which were sent yesterday. I've even sent unsolicited resumès to the Meadville Tribune and the Post-Gazette. I need work.

In other news, my children have run amok. Nay, not "children," I mean to say "child." Beth has gone completely wild. It's almost as if she's never known any rules in her short four years on this earth. I'm trying to attribute it to the move, with her being out of sorts and confused and whatnot, but I think it's more to do with her being four. Do all four-year-olds suddenly develop a need to push you at every turn? To challenge every rule? To drive you to the brink of insanity and laryngitis? Oh. My. God.


Heather said...

So, not having any human kids of my own, I can't say that I have scientific evidence to back this up, but I do see 4 year olds at the studio regularly and have babysat and worked daycare quite a bit, so I think the answer is Yes. 4-year olds are at the age where they are beginning to develop the ability to make real choices and their own decisions. So they push. But, I'd be surprised if some of it isn't brought on by the move, etc, too. Change really can 'upset' typical behavior patterns in all kids (8th graders included).
And good luck with the job hunting. If I think of or see anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

Minxy Mimi said...

Good Luck on the job search. My 4 yr old is also testing all boundaries and being defiant. I hope its a somewhat short faze! LOL

Denise said...

Good luck on the job search! Any potentials since you posted? I am not looking forward to those kid moments. Maybe I'll get lucky and skip it???? Wishful thinking.

Diana said...

have you posted your resume on monster.com? that's how brad found his current job.

Melissa said...

Let's see...my daughter began testing me at 4 also, and she'll be 13 next week, so I guess I'll just encourage you with a "you'll get used to it eventually"!

And, I must laugh at the laryngitis, because I seriously injured my vocal chords one night in a fit of "buckle your seat belt or else I'm climbing back there".

Sam_I_am said...

Have you tried PA Careerlink? It lets you search for jobs by category and county in PA. Good luck!


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