October 2, 2008

"Man is by nature a political animal." ~ Aristotle

I wasn't going to blog about the Biden/Palin debate. I really wasn't. I was going to sit back and watch all the cards fall on the table, read others' blogs about the debate and who they think won, etc. But after the debate, and so much weighing on my mind about Sarah Palin and all the issues buzzing around this campaign, I just can't help myself.

First off, the debate. We all know Joe Biden is a seasoned professional at this. He knows how to politick, he knows how to sound polished, refined, and to just be a politician. No surprises from him. He took the questions in stride and answered them in a very scripted manner. What he didn't do was cite correct facts, but I'll leave that for more political-saavy bloggers like Rachel and Erin. They kick way more ass than I do in that department.

But Sarah Palin really kinda knocked my socks off. She was much more candid, much more informed than has been shown to us prior to this evening, and was quick to answer. I will admit she dodged a few questions and, although it was clearly because she knew she didn't have the meat and potatoes to answer them, I think it was a smart move on her part. As most people have said on the news reports since the debate ended, her "main street" talk, I think, has really reached people. Listening to her, I'm at ease. I feel like I could have a barbecue with her. Talk turkey. Shoot turkey. Whatever.

I can't, in my wildest imagination, conceive of any time Barack Obama and I would cross paths. He comes across as very high-and-mighty, almost king-like in his demeanor. His voice is very affected, he reminds me of a monarch addressing his subjects. And all those Kennedy-esque pictures of him and his family?! Jesus tapdancing christ. I know it's intended to remind people of the Kennedy era and of a Norman Rockwell existence, but it creeps me out.

I'll be the first to admit it: I was nervous about Sarah Palin being on my party's ticket. She was a virtual unknown until five weeks ago and all we know about her now is that she's outdoorsy, has a son in the National Guard who's now in Iraq, a pregnant unwed daughter, wears boxy jackets and rimless spectacles, and that she's evidently fodder for SNL, political cartoons, and jabs from the media. Granted, every politician who steps into the limelight - especially the giant spotlight the VP spot on the Republican ticket - is going to be subject to criticism and mockery. I don't think she's been given too fair a shake but, as I've said before, there's a bit of a bias out there.

She's had her missteps and she certainly has flaws where her candidacy is concerned. She's a bit green on foreign policy and has a small amount of experience compared to John McCain or Joe Biden. Also, I have to wonder how a woman who claims she's on McCain's side regarding our need for energy independence can make that claim in the face of being the governer of a state who does a large amount of oil drilling. Many of her supposed constituents are roughnecks who rely on the paycheck they receive doing what she hopes to abolish the need for.

But what I'm sure of is that she'll do everything she needs to in order to make this work. I'm very excited at the prospect of a McCain/Palin White House and, provided they win the election, I'm very excited about the next four years. If they don't win...well...you'll find two very pissed off conservatives living in an obscenely liberal state contemplating a migration north of the border. The Canadian border. Is there anyone up there looking to adopt some Americans if shit doesn't go the way we think it should?

Finally, does anyone else think Joe Biden looks an awful lot like Bob Barker?


Plunger Girl said...

This is a lot to tackle so I'll just make two points.

1. I'm not in the least political savvy, but thanks for thinking I am! LOL.

2. Energy independence. IMO that doesn't mean independence from oil. It's impossible for that to happen anytime soon so we NEED to drill, we need to open up drilling as much as possible. It's not as harmful to the environment as the liberals would have you think. WY exists for drilling--that's all--and there are no negative environmental impacts. The drilling has a very small footprint. Regardless, natural gas most often is recovered in the same way oil is--by drilling. Our oilfields here are drilling for natural gas and the oil is a byproduct of the gas recovery. We need to be researching alternative fuel sources, absolutely, but drilling is a requirement and it would give us more independence because we're using our own oil/gas. If there's one thing I agree with Palin about it's her stance on drilling. I think she's absolutely right and I really don't understand opinions otherwise. The reason she's so pro-drilling is because she understands it firsthand, she sees it's effect on the people of the area and the environment, whereas most people do not.

P.S. If you couldn't tell I'm PRO-DRILLING!

P.P.S. I have no idea why I feel the need to say this but the idea that we won't get oil for 10 years after the start of drilling is absurd. When the hole is drilled the oil will be recovered and once it's refined it'll be in the marketplace. These politicians that say otherwise and try to sway the public against drilling are creating the havoc our economy is seeing now. If we were drilling everywhere possible there would be jobs (good paying jobs), our gas and natural gas prices would be down, thus our prices on goods would be down.

This is just preposterous--they are motivated by ruining our economy.

Here are some links that I think are interesting (not about drilling):

About the rage/psychoticness of the Obama public

A theory as to Obama's motivation and intent to destroy our country (this one is scary)

Sorry for hijacking your comment thread! Because I'm surrounded by and "in" the oil/gas field industry I want people to really understand it and see how much good it will do our country to open it up and drill drill drill!

Slick said...

I had to go to work so I only got to watch a few minutes of it....from the early onset, Palin looked too damn nervous!

After reviewing parts of it since I've been home, she calmed down a lot.

That's all I'll say about her and her nice legs....

The Mom said...

That picture is so funny! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm adding your button to mine! Have a great weekend ;)

princesspeaches said...

Ok, I know you've missed me...I've been super busy at work...but anyway...!

I was out with D on Thursday so I had to watch the debate on the Internet. I agree that Biden was just how you wanted a VP to be. No major flubs and a hint of a tear over his losing his first wife and daughter.
However, I like Palin's spunk, but I couldn't disagree more with her on almost all issues. Except maybe hunting and capitol punishment (and apparently beauty pageants!). However all her winking and nodding was beginning to make me think she had some sort of tic. I mean seriously VP is a very professional job, I could not believe she stood up there and made such a mockery.
She's like an anti-feminist. I guess, when put on the spot I will claim to be a little feminist (I prefer just "logical"). Mostly, as a librarian I am upset that she couldn't even tell Katie Couric what she reads!

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