October 13, 2008

When Mommies Attack...

I'm pretty sure I've earned the Bad Mommy of the Year Award today. Well, between Saturday night and this morning, anyway.

Saturday night, I'm standing up in the living room, holding the small one and rocking him. Beth's behind me, hanging around my ankles for no good reason, and I think she was trying to tickle my feet. I kept asking her to stop. I moved away from her. She stuck to my legs like frickin' glue. I asked her, again, to stop. She didn't. So I tried to kick her hands away, you know, with those quick little shuffles of the feet similar to scraping something stuck to the bottom of your sock. The good news: I got her to stop tickling my feet. The very, very bad news: my heel nailed her in the chin.


I felt so damn bad. She didn't bite her lip or anything, it just surprised the hell out of her and I'm sure it had to hurt. I think it mostly just hurt her feelings that mommy kicked her. It broke my heart. What kind of mom kicks her daughter???

Fast-forward to this morning. I'm sitting on the floor, playing with Bubba. He and I are dancing (and by "dancing," I mean I'm holding his hands, doing a little mock-swing dance with him) and Beth's behind me playfully pushing me. As I lean forward with Bubba, she's pushing me. I feared I would head-butt Bubba, so I asked her to please stop pushing me. She wouldn't stop. I asked again, a bit more urgently, to stop. Still no stopping. I whipped my upper torso around to look at her and demand that she stop, and to explain why she had to stop, and BAM! Elbow to the cheek.


I just can't win. This time it's actually bruised. I cried for a half an hour over this. Who does this? Who has such misfortune? I'm one of those get-down-on-the-floor-with-her-kids, play-like-there's-no-tomorrow, live-to-hear-my-kids-laugh moms. Do things like this happen to moms like me, or worse yet, to happy-go-lucky, gives-one-hundred-and-ten-percent little girls?

Again, with Murphy's Law, it touches every aspect of my life. If things can go wrong, they will. Just give it time.



Denise said...

Awwwwwwwww! It is okay! They were BOTH accidents! You didn't mean to! I know it must feel bad but no worries mom! She's already forgiven you and she's already gotten over it! Now when that happens with me and Emily - remind me of my own words!


Jo-Jo said...

Oh man! You should like what happens to me! So don't worry, you don't get the bad mommy award...I already have that one!

The Mom said...

It happens, my son's head is at my elbow level and when he's shadowing me, no doubt i'll turn and bop his ear or eye or noggin.

I'm about due, you can pass the award on to me next.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

well maybe soon she will learn that when Mommy says stop doing something it's not just because you like to hear the sound of your own voice.

Ashley. Unscripted... said...

Been there, mommy guilt sucks a big fat one. Lord knows they don't spend a single second worrying about what we obsess over for hours.

LazyCrazyMama said...

:( yep, i've been there too. it happens to the best of us. And boy do we feel soooo guilty about it! Long after they've forgotten about it.

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