February 16, 2008

Can't we catch a break?

Seriously. We find a decent place and it's juuuuuust out of our price range. I mean, we can afford it, as long as we don't have anything else. No cable, no internet, and only the most basic phone service imaginable. Granted, you can live without the first two, but then any hope of starting my own, paid-for, ad-displaying, money-making blog goes down the drain. Along with that goes sharing photos of Thing 1 and Thing 2 with friends and family and communicating with a lot of people. So we don't know what we're going to do...we're still looking, but we've applied to the just-over-our-limit place and they're going to try to get us in, despite our shoddy credit. Then we have 72 hours to decide if we want to move in. Over the next few days, we're calling other places too, just to cover our bases and see if there's anything else available at possibly a better rate.

So I'm just kinda hatin' life right now. My in-laws want us out in the worst way, they make that evident every day in the way they talk to us, but we want to make sure we can afford where we decide to live. We have a very small window of time to accomplish this: by March 1st. So you can sense that it's crunch time.

I need a drink.


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