February 22, 2008

I wish I was still a kid.

This is what's going on in our room right now. Two sleeping babes. Not pictured is the sleeping cat on our bed. I wish I was still a kid and got a daily nap! No chores that need doing, no blogs that need writing (I plan on launching my own registered blog soon and I need to get in the habit of writing daily), no air of certainty that the minute I drift off, at least one of the children will wake up.

Remember our childhood (I'm speaking to those of us born before 1986 or so)? We rode bikes, we played outside, we didn't vegetate in front of TVs and video games - at least not to the extent kids do today - and we used our imaginations. Kids today, all they do is let their minds rot with Grand Theft Auto or some NBA game on their Xbox or PS3. It's sad. They don't know the joy of climbing trees, riding bikes all day long, making up stories for the heck of it...maybe I lived an idyllic childhood, I don't know.

I know I want to raise my kids in the country. Where a kidnapping is a lot less likely and a drug deal isn't going down one block away. Where they'll spend more time outdoors than indoors, where they'll be forced to create their own fun, instead of looking to the TV for it. I'm so glad we won't have cable at our apartment. Thing 1 needs a lot less TV and Thing 2, well, I don't want him watching it at all. Thing 1 has watched so much TV since we moved in with the in-laws, I think she's forgotten how to play. I'm a bit ashamed, really, that I let it get this bad. That's why (among a million other reasons) I'm so excited about getting back into our own place. Thing 1 played her heart out when we were in Fremont, mainly because I limited her TV time.

The moral of the story: TV is pure evil. Okay, not pure evil. If the kids are busy or asleep, mommy and daddy will watch TV shows online. :o)


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