February 14, 2008

Going home...wherever that is...

I didn't realize how painstaking it would be to find a new place to live. When I found our first place out here, I found it online and decided that the price was right and did all of our negotiations over the phone. Not bad for a shot in the dark, really, and it was our home for 4 1/2 years. Now we've been at our in-laws for four months and are looking again. Man alive, rents have gone up since we first looked for a place!!! Anyway, we've pinpointed a couple of places we can afford, so we're going to check those out this weekend. One's in San Ramon and one's in Hayward. I'd prefer the ones in SR, simply because they look like nicer apartments and they have better amenities, and they're cheaper. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

I do long for our own place again. Living with any parents, whether their yours or your husbands, is a total drag. I won't get into the specifics of it...but suffice it to say we have to walk around on eggshells and cater to every whim they have in order to stay in their good graces. I've sprouted new lines on my face at the ripe old age of 28, and my husband has grown about 100 new gray hairs, since we moved in here. I miss our things, our space. Cross your toes for us, too.


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