October 7, 2008

Did he really just say that?

I'll be honest: I didn't watch the whole debate. I was busy bathing children, cleaning the kitchen, putting the baby to sleep, etc. I listened to as much as I could and I even sat down and watched some. Two snippets I heard, well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was STUNNED at Obama's ignorance regarding insurance costs for children. Take the fingers out of your ears when it hits about 58seconds.

A few years ago, when Rob thought about switching jobs (and as it turns out, he's looking into that again), we researched the cost of insuring Beth until his coverage kicked in again. I fell off the chair when the first quote came back at about $300/month. The subsequent quotes were similar. Cheap?! Is he freaking kidding me? Evidently, he wouldn't know "cheap" if it slapped him upside the head.

Then there was this. Start listening at about 35 seconds in.

Now call me crazy, but didn't we intervene with the holocaust? I would swear up and down we entered World War II in 1941 and, according to all the history books, kicked a large amount of ass. But I'm just a mommy blogger, I could be wrong.


Slick said...

Both of them are ignorant.

Obama recorded 4.2 million on his tax returns...

McCain's was....hell, I don't know. His wife wouldn't disclose hers.

Both are fairly ignorant about a lot of issues that we "average" Americans are facing.

Minxy Mimi said...

Children's insurance care is cheap in California, In my opinion... I am used to seeing the $400.00 plus per month that I see others paying for just themselves, when we had to get private insurance here for both of my boys it was $200.00 for both per month. Yes, its isnt really "cheap" but it is relatively inexpensive when compared to what we adults have to pay. Just another opinion.

Diana said...

for us to insure kayleigh while brad was in the in-between time with his jobs, it would've cost us $800+. for 2 stupid months. and the PA CHIP program isn't as good as they claim it is.

we did better without insurance for 2 months.

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