August 29, 2008

A Fine Example of "Christians"

The story that leads up to my rant today is gut-wrenching, disgusting, vile, unfathomable, and heinous. Here's the article on our local ABC affiliate's website, more or less summarizing what happened. There are two things in this story that propel me to a level of rage felt only when it comes to violence against children.

Item 1: "...The judge was also concerned about the content of instant messages sent to Sexfairy, the woman from Oakdale to whom Ward e-mailed an image of child porn. The judge said he was troubled that a parent would write about sexual activity with his own children, even if it was just fantasy..."

If that doesn't get your blood boiling then I seriously doubt your integrity and worth as a human being. What kind of sick bastard thinks like this? And please don't start with the, "Oh, well he was sexually abused and blah blah blahbitty blah..." I don't buy for a second that that would fuck his mind up that bad. It's not like this was out of his hands, an incurable disease: he knew what he was doing, he knew it was wrong. Why else would he have come up with the lie about conducting research for a book? If you don't believe me, check this out.

Item 2: [Ward's wife] "...The justice department sure hasn't got any of the real terrorists out there, they got us into a war that was based on a lie, they can't control the economy, they can't control gas prices, but oh boy they got that really dangerous criminal Bernie Ward off the street and have destroyed his family, I thank you all very much.”

What?!?! Has she been wearing earplugs these last four years?! Does she not get that "Vincentlio" IS "...that really dangerous criminal Bernie Ward..."? Jesus H. Christ. Her wonderful, Christian husband is a sick, perverted and worthless human being (all of which he'll be made to realize over the next 80 months or so - and you better believe that convicts look down upon child predators, he'll be sodomized in ways we can't fathom) who FANTASIZED ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN!

Yes they got that dangerous criminal Bernie Ward off the streets! Hooray for the justice system! They finally got one right! They let Jacko go, but they got Bernie Ward. I just can't believe she's standing by him. I told my husband, "You know, and pardon me for saying this, but if I found out you were up to something like that, I'd be divorced from you within a week." You know what he said? "I wouldn't blame you."

People like Bernie Ward deserve every punishment short of death that the world could provide. Anesthesia-free castration, stoning, prison, wearing a scarlet letter "P" for Pedophile...or maybe an SF for Sick Fuck. Why no death penalty, you ask? Especially from a staunch supporter of it? Because that gets him off the hook. He'll die and be free from his "disease." No no. I want one of the Bay Area's finest examples of a Christian to spend the rest of his subhuman life to think about what a piece of shit he is and to lament every word he ever typed, every stomach-turning picture he ever looked at, every inappropriate and repulsive thought he ever had.

But then there's the side of me that says, "May the bastard rot in hell with Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and the like." He's just one more body taking up space in prison and on this earth, a complete waste of money and precious oxygen. Were he here, I'd grab a gun and do it myself. All it takes is the mere notion of a child being harmed or even viewed in that manner and my skin crawls, my blood runs hot and I feel a rage come over me that is almost uncontrollable.

I was a basketcase during the Scott Peterson investigation and trial and was six months pregnant with Beth when he was convicted. I wept so hard that day. I wept for Laci and how terrified she must have been to realize that the love of her life was going to kill her AND her baby. I wept for Connor, who never got the chance to live. I wept for Laci's family who lost not only a daughter and sister but a grandson. What Scott Peterson did was unspeakable. Just typing this last paragraph moved me to tears.

Yeah, sure, there's a God. What kind of god lets these types of things happen to innocent, helpless children?


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