November 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We've just had so much going on here lately. Most of it I still can't confirm, but I can tell you this: the times, they are a-changin'. So I'm stealing a survey-type thing from Lazy Crazy Mama, and it's only stealing because she didn't tag me. I look like the Lazy Mama now. Ah well. Writer's Block has me by the tail. So sue me.


1. What is your funniest childhood story? Oy, I have to pick just one? This actually involves my cousin, Jake. Every Christmas Eve, my dad's family would get together at either my grandparents' place, my aunt and uncle's place, or my other aunt's house. For reference's sake: Grandma's, Uncle Ed's, and Aunt Marilyn's. So this particular year, it was at Grandma's and all but two of the cousins were across the road at Uncle Ed's. Steve, Maureen, Jake, Jess and I generally always retreated somewhere to get away from the raucous adults and older cousins (sorry Tracy, but you were among them!). Anyway, we were playing Pictionary and about an hour or so into it, we got a phone call from Grandma's that it was time to come back over to open presents. We get outside and it wasn't a particularly snowy year so we decided to race back across the road. Most of us were just lightly jogging because out in the country, you have only the moonlight to guide you anywhere. Jake threw caution to the wind and just took off. Took off and smacked directly into a giant fir tree. I mean, we actually heard the thump of his head hitting the tree. No worries, he was fine! But it was fun-nee!

2. What would your dream dress look like if you could design it? Um...I don't wear dresses. Ever. I wear a skirt maybe once a year.

3. What weird habit does your hubby have? He holds his head crooked. This affects his shaving habits in that whenever he shaves, his sideburns and goatee end up crooked. That's right: one sideburn is longer than the other and if you look at the goatee line under his chin, it's at a terrific angle.

4. How many cookbooks are in your kitchen? I'll go count. I have 24 cookbooks. HOLY CRAP! The best part: I only use one of them!

5. Granny panties or loyal Victoria's Secret girl? Here's my confession, everyone: I've never bought VS. Nope, not even once. I've been in there once or twice but I have always assumed (without actually researching the first point) that a) they don't make VS items in my size, and b) I can't afford to shop there. That said, I don't wear granny panties. I opt for boy-cut or bikini.

6. My favorite memory from 2008 so far is...the presidential campaign and election. Seriously. I know it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but it was the first time in my life I've ever been seriously passionate about politics and how all of Washington's and Sacramento's decisions directly affect me. It was a very big turning point for me and despite the outcome, it's hands-down my favorite memory.

7. I Adam Sandler movies. Not the more recent ones, which I openly admit I like, but the old ones. "Happy Gilmore," "Big Daddy," and "Billy Madison" are among them. I play it off like they really annoy me and that I can't stand his roles in them, but it's totally the opposite. What does annoy me is Rob Schneider's token role in all of Adam Sandler's movies! What is up with that?

8. I could really go for...some Mucinex, Campbell's Tomato Soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, a box of soft tissues, and some Carmex for my raw nose. I've been sick for all of 24 hours and I feel like I'm dying.

9. We are going to have a big snow storm and you will find me...standing at the kid's bedroom window with my face pressed against the glass, wondering how in the HELL we're having a snow storm the in the San Francisco Bay Area!

10. I knew he was the one...the moment I saw him. I'm not kidding, either. It's SO clichè, but it truly was "love at first sight." I loved his eyes, his smile, his voice, and a few hours later, the way he kissed. Most of you know the story but the Reader's Digest version reads: we talked every night on the phone for two months straight - while I lived in Pennsylvania and he lived in California - and then he moved in with me. It'll be seven years this week that we've been living together.


Denise said...

I am a big Adam Sandler fan too! And...I am dying to know what is going on with you!!!

By the way...I left you an award today! :)

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