November 3, 2008

It's just another anxious Monday...

I've got two things to yap about today, both of which are causing me great anxiety. First, we'll address The Eagle (for those just tuning in, that's codespeak for my mom who's been here since 10/23).

Tomorrow morning can't get here fast enough. I don't know if it's that we're too much alike, too different, or if the cheese is sliding off her cracker but we are almost constantly at odds. She's spent the better part of her stay here trying to overrule our parenting, browbeat me with reasons we need to move out of California - ignoring all the reasons we can't right now and won't be able to unless Rob gets laid off, fired, or we've paid off a vehicle - and make thinly-veiled jokes about our weights. I'm pretty sure 10 days should be the time limit. She's been here 12 days and I. Am. Done. She's still very much convinced that I know nothing about parenting and said as much. I was in the middle of addressing a disciplinary issue with Beth and was handling it just fine. Mom butts in and tries to overrule me again so I say to her, "Mom, I've been raising her for nearly four years, I think I can handle it." She says, "Yeah, well I've been doing it since 1959. I think I can handle it."


What???? For starters, she hasn't been raising Beth since 1959 and furthermore, she hasn't dealt with a four-year-old in 25 years! The woman needs to BACK OFF.

My other anxiety-attack-in-waiting is the election. I'm confident in my choice for candidate, can't wait to vote, and am eager to watch this election go down in history, no matter the outcome. However, I'm anxious because although I'd like to believe in the Bradley Effect, I'm worried about the Bandwagon Effect. What if America is full of lemmings and they all just vote for who they assume is going to win, just so their vote isn't "wasted" on a candidate who isn't going to win? It stresses me out that there are people out there who would actually do that.

That aside, we're eager as hell to be glued to the TV tomorrow night. Wheeee!


Denise said...

I never thought about people that would just vote for someone who they THINK would win. That is insane. happens I suppose.

And sorry the mom is being that way! That is SO frustrating!!!!! I am glad she is going home soon so you can get some MUCH needed mental rest! :)

Minxy Mimi said...

Sorry about your mom... I am lucky my mom doesn't try that with me, although I think we get along just as well as you and your mom do!

This election is stressing me out too, I want it decided... for better for worse. I really hope the Bradley Affect isn't a factor... to me that would be hard for me to swallow in this day and age.

princesspeaches said...

Or of course there's always the REVERSE Bradley Effect the the pundits are bandying about...I can't wait to vote too though!

Diana said...

it stresses me to think people will vote for mccain because he's white, not because he's the most qualified candidate.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

Sorry about your Mom. My Mom lives in my basement, I have been there, and will continue to be there, for a while.

Look. I didn't even vote for Obama, but for you to assume people who vote for him are doing so because of some bandwagon effect is an absurd and uneducated statement. You don't have to search out reasons to validate why others have different opinions and views than you. Guess what, not everyone is republican, that does not make them stupid, or does it make them a lemming. I think it's rude of you to use that word as well as assume that people who don't share the same views as you are of course just stupid and trying not to waste a vote.


open your eyes please. I have, and I am just as republican as you, I even own several guns.

get over your party lines and try to act humane and intelligent

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