December 11, 2008

It's a small thing, really...

So I had my interview at Sears today. Let me start with what I wore: black dress pants, black dress flats, a white shirt under a tannish-cream blouse. Sounds benign, right? Yeah, well I bet it wouldn't sound so benign if I told you I nearly tore my foot off wearing those damn shoes. See, I was on a pretty tight budget when I bought the pants and shoes - two items I didn't have but needed for interviews - and whilst in Payless, these shoes were the only ones not designed for a cocktail dress that didn't cost more than I could spend. However, the only ones available with the little "Sale: $11.00" sign on the box were 1/2 size too big.

I was really stuck between a rock and a hard place: do I buy the too-big shoes and run the risk of blisters or do I not buy shoes at all and look like an asshole with black dress pants and cheap brown flip flops from Old Navy? Blisters, it is.

They were so frickin' comfortable when I got them home and wore them around the apartment! I loved them for about 10 minutes. The next day, I walked three city blocks in them in Oakland (this was a week ago, by the way, for another interview) and then another three blocks back to the car. I tore off about 1/4" worth of skin that morning. I vowed to never wear them again.

But then I got the interview at Sears. So I emailed Diana, who works in retail, and asked her if I should go uber dressy or uber casual for department store interviews. She told me dressy was my best shot. I trusted her instincts, she's been in retail for years.

So back to those blasted shoes. Luckily, there was minimal walking today but if I'm going to wear those scalpels with straps ever again, I have got to buy some booties for them.

Cute, right? Yeah. Cute like that creepy dinosaur in "Jurassic Park" that killed Newman.

Anyway, I go to my interview. I sit there for half-a-damn-hour waiting for my interviewer. Then I find out, halfway through the interview, that they don't offer full-time AT ALL and then, in my second interview (yes, I had the pleasure of being interviewed twice), that I'd only be making $8.00 an hour - not that unexpected but still a bit of a letdown when, in your last job, you made $10.00 an hour - and that I wouldn't be eligible for benefits until I'd been employed for a solid year. I need health care for my kids, like, NOW. But I have to take whatever job I can get for the time being, just to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. I just hate being without health care. That's when shit will go wrong, you know? Someone will fall off the couch and break an arm or they'll get an ear infection and I won't be able to help it.

This sucks. I hope one of the million office jobs I've applied for recently calls me soon!


Minxy Mimi said...

Good Luck with the search... I think you would qualify for one of the health care plans for kids in Cali. I looked into it once and it was super cheap. I would try to find out.
And those shoes do kinda look like that creepy dinosaur!

Valeta said...

I hate cute shoes that cause blisters. lol. I just bought new silver flats from Ross. I hope I don't get blisters. I am wearing panty hose with them though.

I hate going without insurance too. That was one of the reasons Kevin and I had a courthouse wedding, so Eric and I could be on his insurance. When I had to take Eric to a pediatrician and pay cash it was about $500. At the time we just didn't have extra money, it really sucked.

I hope you get a decent job soon!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

can you apply for assistance and get some WIC help or mayeb even a HUD apartment? I know those things take a while to get but you may need them in a few months especially for the kids health care, maybe look for a good clinic, some aren't so bad and you don't have to pay at all for children.

Diana said...

yeah, retail benefits are nothing but crap. i make just barely over minimum wage, get a week of paid vacation (30 hours), 2 personal days (7.5 hours each day) and less than 35 hours a week...this is at FULL TIME. my health insurance costs are huge! that's why i let mine expire and i'm on brad's. the only way you can make a decent living working retail is if you are one of the high-up assholes.

Princesspeaches said...

I myself prefer to suffer for a good pair of shoes. As I told your Aunt B, I would rather have my feet turn into cloven hooves than give up my heels! Anyway, I agree with D, better to go dressy, they do say "dress for the job you WANT, not the one you have" (or are getting)!

Carrie said...

OK, I have those same exact shoes and had the same experience. Loved them at the store, loved them when we went out to dinner and I only had to walk from the car to the restaurant and I hated them when I wore them out one night and we walked around. They were awful

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