December 16, 2008

Thankful Tuesday...on Wednesday

My friend, Denise has been doing Thankful Tuesday for a while now and I haven't participated. I know I've had a lot to be thankful for but when it gets overshadowed by the hardships, it's hard to want to talk about it. But in the name of the holidays and the smile on my daughter's face when I turn the Christmas tree lights on in the evening, I'm doing it this week.

However, I'm putting a spin on it, a lá Mimi. I'm doing one serious list and one fun list.

Fun First! Here's a short list of Hollywood-related things and people I'm thankful for:

1. "Grey's Anatomy" I love this show. I've loved it since Day One and it never disappoints. It gives me one hour of respite from the stress in my life and lets me focus on their stress. I also have empathy for the characters in their struggle to figure themselves out. A lot of shows focus on characters about my age and it's like living through "Dawson's Creek" all over again. You're growing up with the characters.

2. Phyllis Smith You'll probably only recognize her if you watch "The Office." She plays Phyllis Lapin-Vance, one of the salespeople in the office and Angela's antagonist. I love her character because she's quietly smart and very unassuming but always comes out on top with her head held high. But I love her the most because when she was a cheerleader and a burlesque dancer! You don't have to be thin to be beautiful and confident, girls!

3. Patrick Dempsey I'm thankful for his general presence in television and movies. I don't always care for his movies (I only saw a few minutes of Enchanted but that was enough) but he's good-looking enough that it brightens my day a little bit every Thursday.

4. American Idol More specifically, the auditions. We haven't watched a full regular season since Carrie Underwood won, but those auditions are worth every hour wasted in front of the TV. Personally, I can't really carry a tune. I can hum Brahm's Lullaby to my son more or less in key and I won't attract tomcats to my front door, but Martina McBride I am not. AI auditions remind me that it's not about how well you can sing, it's about chutzpah, and those kids have it. Rock on, young 'uns!


And now for my serious list: What I'm really thankful for.

1. My kids I know that sounds very clichè, but it's true. Things have been down and out lately but we've managed to keep things as normal as possible so they don't know anything's different. And bless their little hearts, they make mommy smile all day long! If it weren't for them, I may just cry instead of laugh.

2. My husband's sense of humor He knows things are bad right now but he's keeping his sense of humor sharp and on the ball. You wouldn't know how funny he was unless you know him really well and he acts like himself around you but trust me, he's a riot! I laugh until I cry around him many times each day and no day should go by without laughter.

3. My friends This week, one in particular. We've never met face to face, we've only chatted and emailed, but she was really there for me and I don't know if I can thank her enough! She and I have got to get together one of these days! Also, for Diana who sent us two very adorable pictures of her daughter for Christmas which put a smile on everyone's face, especially my daughter, who now wants to meet "Kay-dee."

4. My blogging friends A few of you have left encouraging words and I'm really thankful that you're all there. Not just "there" in the sense that you leave sentiments in my comments but "there" in the sense that you still read my blog even though it's taken a depressing turn and there are days I don't blog at all, and "there" in the sense that you all still write and give me something to lose myself in for a few minutes and remember that we all have troubles and we all come through on the other side, one way or another.


Thanks, everyone!


Denise said...

It's so funny! You think I helped you and I think you helped me and we are both so grateful! :) I love it! :)

And I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!!! I wish you lived closer - I'd force you to come over for "GA" night (which translate to a few drinks and laughing night).

I am all about getting together sometime soon! Even if it is to take the kiddos to the park and freeze our asses off! :)

Oh...and it is okay to blog about depressing things! Life is full of ups and downs and that's what makes it so worthwhile! (okay - sometimes the downs don't make it worthwhile but when you get through them and get to the other side - it always is worth it!).

Luff you!

Serenity said...

I enjoyed your list, it brought up the some definitely up lifting things, like GA...can not live without that :)

I have been following your blog and think of your family and send job vibes your way.

Great kids and a husband with always a smile and sense of humor are great things to be thankful for.

Minxy Mimi said...

Thanks for the shout out!
I am glad you can find the good things in your life, even tho times are tough. I hope you get a good job soon!

Valeta said...

I heart Grey's. :D

Husband would be very jealous if he knew the type of dreams I have about McDreamy. ;D

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