December 10, 2008

What A Loser.

Now, don't laugh, but I watch "The Biggest Loser." Okay, I guess you can snicker. Or maybe let out a guffaw. But seriously, it's a very inspirational show and once we get our gym memberships in February, you can all kiss my ass. Anyway, let me tell you about Vicky.

What a petulant little bitch! She's been out to win the money, plain and simple, weight loss is just a pleasant side effect. If you watch her during the challenges, she puts out minimal effort. Just enough to get it done, really. She always comes in last or just plain gives up. If you watch her when she talks to Bob, she rarely looks him in the eye or she'll roll her eyes and you can tell she's just providing lip service; she means nothing of what she says. She's playing the game.

And that wouldn't bother me on any other reality show. Hell, that's what competitions are about in most cases. But TBL is different: it's meant to change lives overall, not just monetarily. People apply to be on this show because they've discovered that they can't do it on their own. They need support, guidance and resources to learn from. And this bitch rolled into town and went from sweet, southern-drawl Vicky to a hateful, conniving bitch whose ass I long to kick.

RAWRRRR!!! Rarely do I let people on TV get under my skin like this but it's really stuck in my craw this time. I don't wish for her to gain her weight back, I think she's done a hell of a job losing it, but I wish she were in it for the right reasons.Here's a good piece that can say better what I'm trying to convey.


Tracy said...

I hate her too!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

THANK YOU. I hate that bitch. she is such an ass. Last night she was all "I want to show my kids that they can be proud of me and they can do anything they want" I was like yeah why don't you try to make yourself a better person instead of showing them what a fucking bitch their mom is. why don't you try and pretty up the inside because no matter how much wieght you lose you'll still be an ugly person inside.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

you mention a gym membership and I can't help but scratch my head, aren't you guys in financial turmoil? I had a gym membership and when I got preggo and we had to figure out how to save money for day care I dropped it. I can run and jog outside and we got a free treadmill and weights off craigs list. A gym membership is expensive, im just confused, what's up with that?

Darcie said...

We're not getting one until February. I sincerely hope for all involved that I have a job by then. Besides, we're using our tax refund to buy one-year pre-paid memberships to one gym.

I have no doubt we'll be out of our falling-behind stage by then too.

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