March 8, 2008

Busier than a one-armed paper-hanger

So we were busy today (that's for those of you who bypassed the informative title). We woke up around 7, did some putting-away of things, then spent 2.5 hours at the laundry mat. We came home, ate quick lunch, and then my hubby and Thing 1 took off for Walmart to impulsively buy a grill because we were having company tonight and possibly next weekend, and we need to barbecue. You know, because we're having company. Man must grill.

In that time, I managed to get Thing 2 down for a nap and then make a bigger mess of the living room - clean clothes everywhere from the laundry mat, a dispersion of things that belong on our desk in order to organize them (if that makes any sense), etc. Then hubby came home with the aforementioned grill which he insisted we assemble in our living room. This production ate up TWO HOURS of my precious party prep time. It was 20 minutes after 4 before he got in the shower, 20 minutes before 5 when I got in the shower, and our company showed up as I stepped out of the shower. Oy.

But then we had a good time! The men beat their chests and "congratulated themselves on being masters of the universe," and the women clucked around the kitchen. The kids ran around and screamed like banshees and the babies cried and cooed. We had a fun night!

And I'll raise my post-party Corona and wish you all a happy weekend!

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