March 22, 2008

Fat, Dumb and Happy

I think that's how my husband and I are perceived. That's what I'm gleaning. We're overweight (which we openly acknowledge and are working to change), and thus, we must be stupid. Because we're stupid, of course, we're then ignorant of our stupidity and as they say, "ignorance is bliss."

So...Fat, Dumb and Happy.

Goddamn people!!! Seriously, I'm irritated. If there's anything that gets stuck in my craw, it's when people make that assumption. I am a learned person. I'm educated. I read. Not as much as I like anymore, but I still read. If I want to know more about something, I research it. My husband constantly has his nose in a book and thinks about things like it's going out of style.

Just because we're overweight does NOT mean we're dumb. We're smart people. Don't talk down to us, don't assume we have nothing to contribute to a conversation, and please, please, PLEASE don't feel the need to educate us. It's demeaning, rude and not in your best interest. This is how you alienate people.


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