March 18, 2008

Updates, updates, updates!

We own fish. You heard me right, we're the proud parents of six fantastic goldfish, five of whom are fancy. That's right...fancy. For those of you who speak Fishese, we have a Ryukin, a Pearlscale, a Moor, two Fantails and a Comet. We have a nice tank and a few accoutrement therein. It's a nice setup!

The original plan (and my hubby's plan, at that) was to buy a handful of Comets from Walmart and a tiny little tank to put them all in - all with the heartfelt and loving intentions of fulfilling his little girls wish to have fish. She LOVES looking at the fish at Walmart! So we get our 10 Comets home, put them in the tank and watch them. I thought we should do more...I thought fish ownership required more work, not to mention more money. Within about four hours, half of them were "no longer with us." That's when we decided that hubby and Thing 1 would go to Petco and do it up right - we figured it was just a matter of hours before the other five went to see the Big Fish in the Sky.

They left, and while they were gone, four of the five did die. But the funny thing was, they were the four I thought were going to make it, so I transferred them to my Pyrex mixing bowl to be in fresher water and have a larger surface area, thus more oxygen. I left Fish #5 in the original tank, assuming he was on his way out. An hour later, the four were dead and he was still breathing, albeit somewhat shallowly. When we set up the new tank and introduced everyone, he seemed pretty touch and go. We weren't sure he'd make it through the night, to be honest. But lo and behold, he survived! He's now thriving amongst the larger fish. If you know of a famous survivor, please let me know - he needs a strong name!

In other news, Thing 1 has FINALLY decided to be interested in the potty. She's asked numerous times to go, and each time will sit in there for half an hour or so, pants down and diaper off!!!! No pee-pees in the potty yet, but I'm optimistic! Yay!


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