March 12, 2008

To the victor goes the spoils

Or at least a kid who learned a lesson.

We finally had it out with Beth: eat what you’re given for dinner or you get nothing else the rest of the night. Mommy is not a short-order cook and you can’t eat peanut butter bread for every meal. You will go to bed hungry if you don’t eat your dinner.

She was given a small plate with four bites of chicken breast and a wee pile of green beans. When she refused the meal at first, Robby set to make her sit there until she ate one bite of chicken. This went on for half an hour. She got up and spent the next 3 hours fighting us on the chicken.

We refused to give in. Dammit, she was going to learn to eat her dinner. All we were asking was one piece of chicken. By 9 p.m., you could tell she was hungry...we kept telling her if she ate a piece of chicken (to not only get some lean protein in her but to also prove to her that she actually likes chicken), she could have a piece of peanut butter bread, or milk or water or whatever, and she kept saying no.

But we were determined to make this work.

Finally, she decided to bite the bullet and eat the tiniest piece of chicken. Then she wanted more. And more. She ate almost all four bites!!!!!!!!

Why must three-year-olds be so flippin’ stubborn????


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