March 26, 2008

Todays episode is brought to you by the letter...P!

So I guess I just finally had enough of it today. Had to go out last night and buy a tide-us-over-till-payday pack of diapers for Beth. SHE'S THREE. I decided this morning - this is the day she learns. So, for the first few hours of the day, we tried underwear. I quickly discovered, however, that she saw underwear as a thin substitute for a diaper. She was still running to the potty when she'd start to go, but nonetheless...

So for the afternoon, she went naked. Finally, she got it. She was running back and forth to her potty all afternoon!!!! She still had accidents, of course, and had a big one right after dinner. But still, I'm SO PROUD!!!

Hooray for pee!


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