November 10, 2008

A Fresh Start

So you'll all be happy to know that I'm moving all my political mumbo-jumbo to a new blog, aptly titled California Misfit. Let's face it, the only time my presidential vote matters is during the primaries, otherwise it's only for my own satisfaction and that of my party's. So anyway, you won't hear about it here! I'm getting back to parenting and family and life in general. It was getting way to negative in here!

As for life in general, things are peaceful here. We're not-so-pessimistic about Christmas this year. Provided work stays steady, we should be able to eke out a decent Christmas for the kids and not break the bank doing it. My husband, unforunately, is sick. He started not feeling well yesterday and between last night and this morning has developed hot flashes and chills, a very congested head, and aches and pains. He's home today with plans to return to work tomorrow, but we'll see. On the upside, the rest of us are okay. The kids both had their flu shots at the end of October so they're just starting to kick in. Beth had a low-grade fever two days ago and a little rash on her chest, and she's developed a bit of a night cough but I'm really hopeful that's all it will be. I feel so bad for kids when they get sick! There's no easy way to explain to them that it's only temporary and that they'll be better soon; you can only watch them suffer through runny noses and being hot.

So anyway, that's what's going on here today. Well, that and my unbridled enthusiasm to watch Chuck.


Minxy Mimi said...

Sorry your hubby is sick!
I will add your new blog to my blog roll!

Slick said...

This year's election has caused a lot of passion both ways!

Sorry about the husband...hopefully he'll get better soon. My wife is sick also.


Princesspeaches said...

Are you trying to say that our political responses are taking over your blog? ;)

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