March 6, 2008

Home is where you keep your shit...

...and we have a lot of shit!

I was simply astounded by how much STUFF we have. Not just what we were keeping at my in-laws place, but how much was in storage. We've been in here since Saturday and we're still not completely unpacked.

Granted, we've been out and about nearly every day, buying MORE STUFF to cram into our new place. Mostly needs, but it's just more STUFF. I can't get away from it!

After six days, I have my kitchen mostly in order. Our living room is getting there. The desk/bookshelf area is a clusterf***, and the kids room and our room both are just catch-alls for what doesn't fit out here! I have to have it all in order by Saturday though, we're having company over.

I just don't understand how we fit all of that into a one-bedroom apartment and are having trouble fitting it all into a two-bedroom apartment that is not only bigger by 100 square feet, but also has twice the amount of storage. I'm baffled.


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