June 14, 2008

And THIS is why "they" don't want Walmarts in California...

I'm a shop-on-a-shoestring mama. I love a bargain and I run a pretty tight budget when it comes to groceries and necessities. Hence, I shop at Walmart on the regular. I buy baby formula, diapers, wipes, bottle supplies, toiletries, and most of the kids' clothes there*. You just can't get those things cheaper anywhere else!!!

But I absolutely HATE shopping at California Walmarts! When I lived in Pennsylvania, it was almost a treat to take a trip to Walmart. To begin with, we were privy to a Walmart Supercenter, the mecca of discount shopping. I really, really miss that - getting it all done in one shot. *sigh* Furthermore, you were guaranteed to run into someone you know, catch up on gossip, and make empty promises "to get together sometime."

Out here, all you encounter are rude, pushy, and ignorant people who don't give a hoot about you and your little brood. They will ram into you (front OR back) with their carts if you don't get out of their way, they give YOU dirty looks if you're in the way and simply can't move, they completely trash the shelves, and nothing's where it belongs and half of the packaging is destroyed. The best example of this: back in December, we went to Walmart to buy a megapack of Huggies for Robby. You know, like 116-or-so Size 2s.

All of the packages had been ripped open and diapers had been taken from each package. I understand that hard times come about and moms do what they gotta do, but damn...don't steal. We've hit rock bottom but we just bought the cheapest diapers we could find (Parents Choice, White Cloud, Target brand, etc.)**. The end result of stealing diapers from Walmart is that you're now a pain in the ass to us honest people who just want to diaper their baby, you've broken the law, and because of you, the cost of diapers will go up another fraction of a cent to make up for the loss. Thanks.

People are animals at Walmarts out here! I know it's marketed towards the less-affluent end of society, and I make no claims to be high-falutin'. If anything, I declare with complete honesty and a tinge of pride that my little crew bare red necks. ;-) But c'mon folks, keep it nice for everyone! We don't shop there, really, because we want to, it's because until our youngest is out of diapers and formula, this is where I need to shop.

After that, I'm on to Target. Shampoo can't cost that much more there!

Lane Change: I had a really good day with my family. We're being guilted into dutifully headed up to my in-laws place tomorrow for Father's Day, so we're celebrating the holiday for my husband today. We took the kids to San Gregorio State Beach on Highway 1 to look for seashells and introduce the baby to the Pacific Ocean. We left early, around 8:30 a.m., and got there a little after 9 a.m. Beth was fine, until her feet got too cold...then she sorta fell apart. The baby loved it! He was smiling and kicking his legs in the Snugli the whole time!

Afterwards, the kids napped in the car and we drove down to Santa Cruz, had lunch at a Chinese place, and headed back home. This evening, I was talking to Beth before she fell asleep and here's how the conversation went:

Beth: I like the ocean.
Me: Oh yeah?
Beth: Yeah.
Me: Do you want Daddy to take you back to the ocean?
Beth: No.
Me: No? Why not?
Beth: I'm sleepy. It's sleepy time.

I was so amused, I had to bite my tongue to stifle my laughter! I forget, quite often, how literal little kids are; she thought I wanted Rob to take her back tonight!!

Ah, kids.

Pictures from our morning...


Amber said...

My fiancee,son&I got to wal mart almost every weekend.Not that we always have to get important stuff.....but because we like to go.So when I read how you felt about Wally world in Penn.I kind of chuckled to my self&thought:'that's pretty much how we feel here....lol!'

Chandra Stauffer said...

I hate hate hate Wal-mart and refuse to shop there. It is like the lowest common denominator in every demographic. Once you are full-time at Target, you will never look back!

And I love love love the beach. I am completely landlocked in Kansas and completely jealous. It sounds like you have a perfect day.

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I could totally picture your little one showing his enthusiasm through his legs; little cutie!

Guess I should appreciate my nice, clean Walmart Supercenter here, in Wisconsin!

Amy said...

I love your beach pics. Your little ones are way too cute!

As to your feelings on Wal Mart, there are many people who feel the same as you. If you're interested in compairing notes, you can go to


Have a good one!

The Mom said...

I loathe Walmart and I've never been to one in any other state.

I was just at Rio Del Mar this last weekend!! Love beach pics!

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