June 29, 2008

Just imagine

In light of reading a new friend's LiveJournal post and enduring the tough week I've had, I thought I'd take a humorous look at motherhood...or, if you're a SAHD, fatherhood.

Those of us who stay home with the kids really do have to wear dozens of hats in a day. Our job is 24/7, we're the sole owners/managers/underlings that run the HomeShow. We're chefs, nurses, singers, actors, artists, movie projectionists, librarians, chauffers, narrators, playground directors, teachers, pet groomers, maintenance staff, laundry personnel, and chief confidant to all persons within the four walls. We're also the police, wardens of the Time Out Cell Block, politicians, mediators, seamstresses (seamspeople? seamspersons?), and bartenders. Bully for us!

Sometimes, I feel like I lose myself in the shuffle of small hands and feet, crayons and diapers, but when the sun goes down and my kids go to bed I take a deep breath and watch my babies sleep. That's when I find myself again. I can slow down and really enjoy what we have.

We don't have much, those who know us or have been reading my blog long enough know that. But we do have is love and laughter and we have an abundance of both. We may not live in the best neighborhood (although for Hayward, we could do much, much worse), and we may not drive the nicest car or wear high-end clothes, but we smile and laugh and love all day long and honestly, I'll take that over possessions any day!

So I guess what I'm saying here is that amid all the chaos, budget drama and worries, I'm really thankful what what I have.


Denise said...

Um...why did this make me all teary-eyed!!!! I feel all warm and fuzzy now! Thank you!!! :)

Mommie Mayhem said...

LOL I love this song!!

Valeta said...

I have never heard that song before. It was too cute! That baby in the video made me laugh. :D

SAHMing is the hardest job in the world. In my humble opinion.

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