June 21, 2008

Terror Beach and Fruit Stands

So our day was off to a rockin' start when we gassed up, got some Subway for lunch and some Slurpees for the road. We hopped on Hwy 92 and were off for Half Moon Bay. Hooray for hot-ass temps and a reason to go to the beach.

Granted, we don't have "beach bodies" and certainly didn't wear bathing suits (*ahem* because don't have any), but we had our shorts on, sunblock slathered all over, and shades down! It was beach time.

We get there, eat our sandwiches, and head down to the sand. We no sooner hit the sand that Beth's Half Hour on Terror Beach began. She started flipping out when her socked-and-shoed toes hit the sand and continued on while the baby and I sat in the sand and Rob carried her down to the water and stood there with her. You should have seen the look of HOLY SHIT on her face when we took her socks and shoes off!! You'd think we were feeding her to the sharks.

The only time she quieted down was when Rob dipped her feet in the surf. But as soon as the water retracted into the massive ocean, and her feet sank into the wet sand. Then it was all, "UP PLEASE! UP PLEASE!" Oy.

Robby, on the other hand, had the time of his life! He was sitting in the sand, digging his hands in, eating the sand and not seeming to mind that the gritty stuff was in his mouth, laughing, jumping - he had a good ol' time! That baby is just so damn happy!!

After our brief visit to the crowded but refreshing beach, we took off up Hwy 1 and drove a bit into San Francisco, then across the Bay Bridge and down home. We made two bried pit stops: one in Half Moon Bay at the Farmer's Daughter produce stand and one in Pacifica to feed the baby an organic banana.

That fruit was/is AWESOME! We bought three plums, two bananas, two small baskets of strawberries, and a small bag of Bing cherries. I know it's expensive, but if you have the money, I strongly recommend buying organic produce. SO much tastier than the regular stuff!

So now we're home in our Easy Bake Oven Apartment, fans a-blowing, family a-roasting. I'm about to slap together some burgers for the grill and some baked beans to cook out there too, on the burner. No indoor cooking!

I'm just hoping it cools down enough for us to sleep in our beds tonight. We all had to camp out in the living room last night because it was so frickin' hot. Oh, and a little update for you all: we didn't end up renting movies last night. We had a lot of stuff on our DVR to watch, so we said "Screw it." Why waste the money?

Pictures from our day...

"Mama, it's hot. Take us to the beach!!!"

"Hot fun in the summertime!"


The Mom said...

We were down the coast at Rio Del Mar last weekend!!

Funny how some kids freak with sand....My Boy (now 7) HATED sitting in the grass as a tyke...would sit there with just his buttocks on the grass and he'd hold up his legs with his hands, it was the weirdest sight!

I hear you on the HEAT, we were in the sprinklers last night at 10:30pm! We only have a small a/c unit and we fight over it during the day!

Chandra Stauffer said...

I am ridiculously jealous of anyone living within a day's drive to the beach.

I would trade both of our air conditioning units for that view!

Your day sounded lovely. :)

Bobbi's Book Nook said...

Nice blog - cute kids! I learned about you from the ladies at AllMediocre.

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