June 20, 2008

Mindless Ramblings

So I started taking walks with my kids in the morning, before it gets hot as hell here. Only a mile or so, as I don't want to go out too far with Beth only to have her melt down on the way home and beg, every three steps, for me to carry her.

As it turns out, per my anonymous reader's suggestion, this does lift my spirits for the day and make everything a bit easier to deal with. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, I'm still worn out, but I guess that comes with watching three kids all day, in this torrid heat, and being the size that I am. *shrug*

So tonight is our Night Out In...we're getting take-out Chinese food and renting a couple of movies. I'm thinking I either want "The Other Boleyn Girl" or "P.S. I Love You." The former seems very interesting and interpretively historical, which I like, but the other one seems to be a tear-jerker, which I LOVE. I've been desperately trying to watch "Catch & Release" on our DVR; I recorded it probably a month ago, but I can never find a quiet moment to do it.

I really love chick flicks, can't get enough of them. I'm a sucker for "The Notebook," "Dirty Dancing," and "When Harry Met Sally," among many, many others. I also love historical drama. I loved "Schindler's List," "The '60s," "We Were Soldiers," "Apollo 13," the list goes on and on. Okay, so I'm a bit of a movie nerd. We even rent the not-so-much-blockbusters, like "The Amateurs" (U.K. title: "The Moguls") or "King of California." We love them all!

What are your favorite movies? Feel free to ramble!

Now...to decided between chicken egg foo yung and orange chicken...


The Mom said...

YUM orange chicken!! I wanted Chinese tonight, but Hubby picked up Togo's.

I love me a good Dirty Dancing night....can you believe how different Jennifer Grey looks now?!

Darcie said...

I know! When she first came back to Hollywood with the deader-than-a-doornail show, I didn't recognize her! I definitely prefer the old Jennifer Grey; but maybe that's because that's how I knew her. She was Baby! :-)

I'm such a nerd, too, I know, like, the entire script to that movie.

Diana said...

"south park"....all the way lol! i'm a big fan of the LOTR trilogy, i'm always watching those...

i loved "garden state", i highly recommend it. "the exorcism of emily rose" is another good one. "terms of endearment" kills me every time...i'm wrecked for days after i see that one...

Darcie said...

Ha ha...I actually thought of South Park today..."Goin' down to South Park, gonna have ourselves a time..." LOL

I've seen "Garden State" and did love it. I've only seen part of TOE...and as for Emily Rose...meh. It wasn't nearly as scary as I had been hoping.

Now if I truly want to be scared, I'll watch "The Grudge." The sound that woman makes gives me serious heebeejeebies.

Chandra Stauffer said...

We went to Ted's Montana Grill for supper last night. They have super yummy hamburgers.

We went to see The Happening last weekend. It is one of the WORST movies I have ever seen in my life! This week, we watched Sweeney Todd for the second time. That movie is so interesting. I love it.

But there is A LOT of blood, so I wouldn't combine both my food AND movie recommendations!

Valeta said...

I could talk about movies all day.

I usually hate chick flicks. "The notebook" movie was nothing like the book and I found it creepy. Just my opinion though. And I am probably just biased because The author is a man.

But I LOVED "P.S. I love you." It was funny and sweet.

I happen to think most blockbusters are not very good. But just because a movie is not "good" doesn't mean it can't be entertaining.

The one movie I usually don't tell people is my absolute favorite is "Romeo and Juliet" from 1996. The one from 1966 creeps me out because the girl looks like she is 11 years old and you see her naked. Eww. I know Juliet is supposed to be like 12 but I don't want to see a 12 year old playing her.

Of course I love series like Star Wars, LOTR, HP, the Matrix.

If you want to watch some movies that make you think watch one by writer/director Todd Solondz. "Happiness" and "Palindromes" really made me think about life. They have creepy parts though.

My husband says anything by P.T. Anderson is great but I always think his movies are too long. He wants to name our next child after "Magnolia" which we have seen a million times.

Movies written by Charlie Kaufman are always great. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind", "Being John Malkovich."

But I am a weirdo and love weirdo movies. Sorry I wrote a novel.

Darcie said...

How could you think anything about "The Notebook" was creepy? It's about very strong, very pure, undeniable love. Love that stands the test of time, of societal pressure, it goes up against all odds and still prevails, right up till the day they day.

What those two characters had is a love we should all be so lucky to have in our lives. A man who's willing to live in a rest home just to be near his wife - who doesn't even remember him because of her Alzheimer's - simply because he told her he'd never leave her side.

Have you no heart?! LOL

And why do you think Blockbusters aren't any good? I know they kind of filter what they offer and all that, but there's still a hella big selection. That's where Rob and I find our not-such-a-blockbuster movies.

I did love "Eternal Sunshine." I saw "Being John Malkovich" in pieces a long time ago...

As far as direction goes, I like Stanley Kubrick movies if I want to be left with an uncomfortable feeling.

And for the record...you are weird. :-)

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