June 24, 2008

"I want my MTV."

Remember that? From back in the days where MTV was Music Television? When MTV was new and shiny, and all they ran were music videos? Well, that and a few select game shows, like "Remote Control" and "Singled Out." It was an awesome time - you came home from school, dropped your Trapper Keeper backpack by the door, grabbed the remote control that was the size of a small photo album, and plopped down on the couch to watch MTV until someone told you not to.

Then you'd put up 15 minutes of protest because Kurt Loder has been saying for the last half hour that George Michael's "Faith" was coming on soon.

song chart memes
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What happened to MTV? Is there some alternate MTV that still plays music videos all the time? Now all MTV consists of is craptastic "reality" shows with over-developed teenagers and early twenty-somethings acting like total whores (guys AND girls). What's worse, half of these shows have parents who CONDONE their behavior!!! Have you ever wasted 30 minutes of your life to watch "Parental Control?" It's awful! Moms and dads getting all excited because some strange guy has his mitts all over their daughter.

It's unreal. It blows my mind that people like this stuff! Maybe I'm just getting old. Just once, I'd like to flip through MTV and see Downtown Julie Brown, or ANY veejay for that matter, announcing MUSIC videos. Not TRL where you only see portions of videos for an hour in the afternoon, with a ticker running along the bottom with incoherent LOLspeak emails in it.


The Mom said...

Remote Control and Singled Out!! Jenny McCarthy was the cute, hot chick with Colin Whatshisname right?!

I love the guitar rift as the rocket blasted off....

Ahh the good old days...

"video killed the radio star..."

princesspeaches said...

At least you were lucky...we couldn't get cable at my house...had to watch it elsewhere when I could! However, I saw in the past couple of weeks that there were ads on MTV with heidi and spencer saying that MTV was going to actually be showing more videos...
And as per my addiction to horrible reality television, I usually do watch The Hills, Made, The Real World (although not last season, just couldn't seem to care about those people)... I did enjoy seeing videos which were NOT always rap though...(images of timmy doing the army crawl are also coming to mind!)

diana said...

there's a program called "FN Mtv" that started the other day, it's basically music videos on friday night that's hosted by that tool from fall out boy.

mtv2 shows videos sometimes. but that's why i usually boycotted them both and watched Fuse instead.

Merrie said...

I'll never forget FINALLY getting cable and watching Mtv! It was 1986 and the top videos were Madonna's "Papa don't preach," Eddie Money's "Take me home tonight" and Berlin's "Take my breath away" with Top Gun scenes. Yes, those were the days. I miss them.
Great blog!

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