June 19, 2008

I should totally get paid for this...

but I won't. But I should. I'm not one to publicly endorse a particular product. I know people have their preferences and some feel that the more you spend, the better the product. *shrug* Maybe.

But I spent $49.99 on a stroller last year and although it's seen better days, I really can't complain! We bought it a few days before we took our trip to Barstow and Las Vegas. My other stroller was a beat-up, dirty, smelly, two-year-old Graco from a travel system. It squeaked, the tray was all scratched up, the handle was permanently dirty, the seat pad - although I had washed it - was stained from all the sunblock I'd put on Beth's legs over the years, and it had cat fur embedded in the creases because my cats saw fit to make a bed out of it if it wasn't collapsed. Stupid furballs.

I wasn't about to take that jalopy to Vegas! It was bad enough that when we asked to borrow luggage from my in-laws for the trip, we were loaned two big-ass duffel bags. Combine that with our Walmart/Target/Mervyns attire and a Chevy Tracker in bad need of a carwash, and you have this:

Anyway, I insisted on a new stroller for the trip. I vowed to not spend more than $60.00. I spent about half an hour in Babies 'R Us checking out their lightweight strollers. I didn't want a full-size stroller; Beth was two years old at that point, sooner or later, she was going to have to walk places. [Wouldn't ya know, two weeks later I discovered I was pregnant! She's a full-time walker now.]

I ended up settling for the Baby Trend Trendsport Lite. I was a little less than optimistic about it. It didn't cost much and seemed a bit flimsy. But, I figured, it wasn't meant to last a long time. It was only fifty bucks. What did I want? A Peg Perego???

Lemme tell you, I couldn't be happier with this purchase! We've had that puppy for 16 months and now we're using it with Robby. The only part that could use replacing is the wheels; it seems the "tires" have broken away from the wheel and if too much weight is put on them, they could fall off, although they haven't yet. We're hard on our strollers though, they've been used to haul groceries up to a 2nd floor apartment, haul a 30+ lb. girl around town, four one-gallon jugs of water AND the aforementioned girl for a few miles...so yeah, we're hard on the strollers.

Seriously folks, if you're looking for a lightweight stroller but don't want to drop $300.00, this is something to consider.


Quiltcetera said...

Sweet! It looks good too. Thanks for sharing!

The Mom said...

I wish. Our third is a tad on the demanding side and just wants to walk everywhere. We hardly use our umbrella-was-our-first-child's-stroller.

But, if walking tires her out for a nap/bedtime...I don't care if she runs!

Darcie said...

That's why we let Beth run all the time! Makes her sleep like a rock!

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