July 9, 2008

Have Brags, Will Travel!

Every parent on earth is convinced their child is a prodigy and I am no exception. In case you aren't aware, Beth has had a speech delay. She's more or less caught up now, but by 24 months, she'd only said maybe two words. Now she's totally conversational, inquisitive, and making very logical correlations. In addition to her exploding verbal skills, her motor skills have been blowing us away too!

She seems to have gone from toddler to gorgeous preschooler overnight.

Exhibit A: One year ago...

Exhibit B: This afternoon...

She's just such a little girl now; the pictures don't do her justice! And her drawing and writing ability...I don't know how many three-year-olds can write letters and depict animals, but she can and I'm hella proud.

Exhibits C, D, and E:

Thanks for humoring me. I'm insanely proud of that little girl, even though she drives me to the looney bin and back sometimes!


Valeta said...

Eric couldn't write letters at 3. And he only drew stick people.

I believe every kid develops differently though.

Beth is pretty awesome. I love her drawing.

diana said...

she is gorgeous!

my mom still has drawings i did when i was in preschool.... :) although they look like giant blobs, mom swears one was a family portrait.

Darcie said...

Ha ha, remember when your grandma read me the riot act for making fun of your drawings?! Good times...

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