July 18, 2008

You Learn Something New Every Day

My lesson for the day? You can't use gift cards when you shop online at Safeway. I got $150 in gift cards for Safeway when I did that focus group on Wednesday and remembered that when you shop online, if it's your first delivery, you get free delivery. I thought, "Yay! I don't have to haul Thing One and Thing Two along with me, forget half of what I wanted to get, and lose a child's hat in the process. Splendid!"

So I spent over an hour last night "filling" my shopping cart, and it took an hour because my computer was running slow, but I felt it would be an hour well-spent since I didn't have to physically go to the store. One less hassle with the kids gets a gold star in my book! When I went to check out, I discovered that when I registered with that particular email address, I'd registered with my in-laws address from this past winter. So I shrug my shoulders and I'm attempting to change my delivery address when I see this warning: "By changing your address, all items in your cart may disappear."

Sure enough, they were gone.

So this morning, I go at it again, this time confident that I would complete my shopping spree. Oh and lucky me - my computer's running at full tilt and pages are loading crazy-fast! So in about half an hour, I get my basket full and head to check out. Are all the items in my cart what I want? Yes. Is this your delivery address? Yes. Promotional code? Easy7. Payment information?

[Dramatic pause while I search for entry fields concerning gift card information]

[I find none, just spaces for credit card information]

WTF? So I click on "Help," you know, that little, barely visible light grey link at the very bottom of the page that they must dread you clicking on, otherwise you might actually be able to see it. It informs me that they aren't currently accepting gift cards, as well as a half dozen other types of payment that would be ever so convenient.

So now I have to go to the farking store with my offspring. Did I mention that we'll be walking because my Hubby has the car today and I need to go before lunch? And did I mention that when we walk, I have to deal with Beth "needing" every item she passes by? Oh, and that my son will inevitably lose a shoe and a hat, as well as maybe a sock?


Valeta said...

That is so frustrating. I thought they wouldn't deliver the same day anyway.

I hate going to the store with the kids. I dread it.

Good luck. Here's to hoping you wont lose too many items.

The Mom said...

What a pain in the butt.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh my gosh! (To your comment you left on my page...) You are so right! They was a much better word for them! I will quickly change the blog because you described them to a tee! And from your redneck discription...you described me! Who knew?! 9Being as I am from By God West Virginia~I should have!) HA HA HA!

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