July 18, 2008

Hi, My Name is Darcie, and I'm a blogging addict.

Seriously, I can't stop posting today. Are there support groups for this?

So the point of this post is to inform the masses of a site they may have been missing out on. I first found it thanks to my cousin...well, I found a branch of it. She showed me I Can Has Cheezburger which kicks ass daily.

About a week in my daily visits there, I discovered a bar of links at the top of the page that lead me to variations on this blog of sorts...There's I Has A Hot Dog, Pundit Kitchen, Graph Jam, Fail Blog, and the piece de resistance, Fun with Famous Faces.

It's hysterical! Here are a few samples from each to persuade to patronize their fine piece of interwebs.

more cat pictures

see more dog pictures

fail owned pwnd pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

donatella versace, janice the muppet, the muppets
see famous look-a-like faces


SF said...

LMAO at "Why cats hate kids!"

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