July 8, 2008

Like A Chicka-Cherry Cola

Recently, I read about Dooce's 21-day cleanse and thought, "Well, I'm certainly not going to give up all animal products, but I could probably cut back on caffeine. So I decided to drop down to one can of Diet Coke a day. Sunday and Monday, I only had one can each day. Yay me!

I've had a round-the-clock headache since Sunday afternoon, but I'm dealing. What sucks is that I've become heavily dependent on the stuff. Now I'm tired almost all day. At least that's how it feels. I think it's getting better. However, I'm about to go all day with no caffeine because we've run out of soda AND extra dinero to buy more.


On the other side of the coin, I'm sleeping so much better than I used to! I wake up feeling more rested. It's amazing how one small change can have such a big effect! If you're getting crappy sleep, I highly recommend cutting your caffeine intake.

You'll be shocked and amazed!

Hubby brought home a can for me last night and I swear to you, nothing's ever tasted better.


Alice said...

Whenever I cut back on coffee, I have the worst 3-4 days of my life. Caffeine withdrawal is kickass.

The Mom said...

Been there, tried that. It's HARD. The past two days were tough not having morning coffee since it was so dang hot. By noon I was a MESS.

cleanse schmense.

I just started my workout dvd again.

diana said...

dude i remember your caffeine withdrawal in high school...you'd think you were a crackhead by the violent way you reacted to it!

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