July 14, 2008

The Most Relaxing Weekend EVER

Last week, I was sure my weekend was going to suck. Hubby was going to Hollister Bike Rally on Saturday and Sunday was going to be spent cleaning and grocery shopping. Meh.

Then Friday night rolled around and Hubby decided to go to Hollister on Sunday, which left Saturday free for family stuff, and so we went to Ardenwood for the afternoon! I love this place. Seriously, I want to move to Ardenwood. You can just barely hear the hum of the freeway but it's negligable because of the surrounding trees. There's a beautiful old Victorian house, acres upon acres of grounds, floral gardens, a blacksmith, a working well-water pump, all sorts of stuff. The best part - especially if you have kids - is the animals. There are horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and peacocks. Yes, peacocks. There's one male and a few hens.

Is a female peacock called a hen? ***runs off to check*** They do! They're hens.

Anyway, kids ADORE looking at the animals! That is, until the sheep start bleating. then you have two kids terrified out of their minds and both crying at the tops of their lungs. Fun. Now we look like the bad parents who scared their kids.

The day actually went really well aside from that little hiccup. I was concerned about Robby for a bit; about an hour into our visit, I discovered a rash on his eye.

Exhibit A:

You can't really see it that well, and it's not the most flattering picture of him, but you can see how it's red and kinda puffy. I'm at a loss as to what it's from. It could be from the sunscreen, but he's worn this sunscreen plenty of times and it's never bothered him before. It could also be the eggs I fed him for breakfast.

Now I know I'm going to hear some boohisses over this, but I when I scrambled his eggs, I used the whole egg, I did not separate the whites. I'm one of those parents who takes recommendations with a grain of salt. Not every rule applies to every kid, some kids advance faster than others, yadda yadda yadda. So I fed him whole eggs. He's had them before with no problems. There are absolutely NO food allergies in either of our families so we figure we have little to worry about. Anyway, it could have been the sunscreen, the eggs, or maybe even the hay at the farm. He could have allergies like me: grass, trees, pollen, molds, etc. So who knows? By the time we got home, it was gone. Yay!

Here are a few more pictures of our farm adventure:

Exhibits B, C & D:

Sunday we did next to nothing and it was fantastic! We laid around in our pajamas until 3:30ish, napping off and on, watching movies. Then we went to the store, came home and cooked dinner and went about relaxing again. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

How were your weekends?


The Mom said...

Completely uneventful, but nice. Looks like you had a great time...and I bet the eye thing was just from the animals/hay/etc...

The Mom said...

Completely uneventful, but nice. Looks like you had a great time...and I bet the eye thing was just from the animals/hay/etc...

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