July 25, 2008

"Men and women can never be friends." - Harry, When Harry Met Sally

My husband, in his infinite wisdom, has informed me on more than one occasion that Harry has it right. Every man, no matter his thoughts on a woman's physical appearance, wants to sleep with her.


I refuse to believe this. No way. I've had plenty of male friends in my lifetime who've had zero interest in me and I can assure you, definitely didn't want a piece of this. I've never been one of the "beautiful people" and I certainly never had an attractive body so I feel that this makes Harry's (and my husband's) allegations null and void.

Do I have any male readers? Can you offer insight on this? What about my female readers? Has any male friend of yours ever owned up to wanting to get you in bed?


Valeta said...

I have never had a male friend who didn't want to sleep with me. But my husband claims to have had many female friends he was not interested in sleeping with. I think it depends on the man. Once my male friends told me they wanted me, I could never hang out with them anymore.

Anonymous said...

lol no but I have a female friend that has! I'm a female too! lol

Zabriel said...

Male reader here! I think it really depends on the male. I'm not strictly heterosexual so I may not represent the average male, but I can share my perspective in hopes of contributing to the bigger picture.

I have wanted to sleep with a lot of my female friends, but in others I find the idea of sex absolutely repellent. One of my best girlfriends is absolutely adorable, and yet I don't think I could sleep with her, ever. It'd just be way too weird.

Everything is situational, even for the biggest horndogs in the world. Some women I want to sleep with and some I don't. Even when a woman meets all possible standards, sometimes I still just don't want to sleep with her.

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