July 31, 2008

Really? Already? I'm not ready for this.

Okay, I'm ready for it. In fact, I've been hoping he'd pick up on it early. Don't get me wrong, I love babies and I dearly love my children. But the more independent Beth became, the easier my life got; now I'm aching for Robby to become more independent. I need kids that can walk, feed themselves, and take instructions. That may sound harsh but it's my truth.

Where Beth's at now? Almost perfect for me. I don't want her to get much older than she is. She's young enough that she still more or less obeys me - she has her antagonistic moments though - and she looooooooooves helping me do chores. She's very playful but understands the need for down time and sleep. She still has a big sense of wonder about the world and isn't bogged down by the stress of school and friendships. She has three friends: Boy, Valeta's boy, and her cousin who lives up near Sacramento. She hardly ever sees that latter two so her friendships are really a friendship and she sees him every day. She's fully potty trained and is a terrific little girl. Beth, Love, please don't grow up. Stay just the way you are.

Anybody else wish they could hit the pause button on their life, just for a little while? I can't wait to see my kids grow up into adults. I know they're going to be successful in all that they do because they both have the tenacity and smarts to achieve it. But there's that bittersweet feeling in my heart that wants them to stay little forever.

I hate to inundate you with videos today, but I have to share this video. It reminds me of todays sentiments.


Valeta said...

How cute. Walkin' already.

Amanda said...

But aren't you excited for shopping for prom dresses or watching dance recitals or things like that? I know those are some of my mother's favorite memories of me!

Denise said...

AWWWWWWW HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!!!!!!! Congrats mama! :)

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