July 7, 2008

Why bother?

Seriously, I've had it up to HERE --->* with my husband's dismissive attitude towards what can only be described as my cabin fever. We had another fight yesterday (no, this isn't the first time we've gone 'round about this) about how I feel really cooped up at the end of the week and wish I was able to go somewhere on my own, sans kids, on the weekend. However, more often than not, there's no money for that. Not for what I want to do anyway, which entails a salon or a mall.

So I get mad, I cry, I stomp around and mope. Basically, what any woman who's been rearing kids all week would do when she realizes that she gets to do more of the same over the weekend with absolutely no break.

It helped a little bit that while I was out shopping (for diapers and groceries, people, nothing FUN) he cleaned up our living room and kitchen, ran the dishwasher and vacuumed, and got both kids to take a nap.

Still...a little sympathy would go a long way. He doesn't seem to understand the toll sitting around with 2-3 small children all day takes on a woman. It's very taxing! You get little to no adult interaction and all you deal with are tears, fights, diapers and sticky hands.

You have no idea what I'd give for an afternoon with a primed and ready debit card, the Newpark Mall or the Gilroy Outlets, and NO KIDS. No stroller, no hand-holding with the Shortstack, yelling at her through clenched teeth to "Get out of that clothes rack!! NOW!!!

I can almost feel the headache-inducing air conditioning, the new-clothes smell, the rustle of shopping bags, the warm and welcome sight of Bath & Body Works...close your eyes people. You can see it! You're there! There's the hum of the mass of people moving around you while you sit on a contoured wooden bench, sipping your iced white mocha with whipped cream, your purchases at your side. You're thinking your next stop will be Macy's...or maybe Things Remembered to pick out a nice frame. Don't forget Gymboree!! Everything's so shiny and clean (two adjectives rarely used when you talk about your home or kids these days) and you're absolutely ALONE. No one asking for milk, pulling up on your lap because that's their new trick and they won't stop pulling up on you, no husband whining because dinner's five minutes later than normal...

Someday folks, someday.


Half--Past Kissin' Time said...

Oh, I wish I could come and collect your kids for a while...

The Mom said...

I will TOTALLY meet you at the Outlets in Gilroy! Your hubby can watch the kids! Seriously let's plan it!!

Email me at themomjen@gmail.com

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