July 18, 2008

Quick Note of Gratitude

Some of you may remember my post from earlier this month regarding my my time travel to the 1940s. I mentioned therein that I was going to subtly suggest to my husband that he buy me the Magic Bullet for Christmas.

Move over, Christmas, my 29th birthday just walked in the door!!!

Thank you so much, D, for the early birthday present. Seriously, I was floored when I opened the box! I thought maybe you had a Magic Bullet and had packaged something for the kids in it. But no no, never one to disappoint, you had sent the real deal. You kick ass. I'll try to not be broke after Christmas so I can send you a rockin' birthday present too! Oh, and a present for your munchkin as well!

Have a nice weekend everyone! I'll be mixing smoothies, grinding coffee grounds, and chopping vegetables...in 10 seconds or less!

***Clarification: "D" is my best friend's first initial. I wasn't sure if she'd want to be mentioned by name in my blog, so I kept it at the first initial. 'Twasn't Hubby who gave it to me, 'twas my friend. :)

A picture of the Most Excellent Gift on my groovy orange couch


The Mom said...

Whatta man whatta man whatta man what a mighty good man!!

Happy early Birthday!

Darcie said...

Hey! Actually, it was my best friend who sent that to me! Hubby doesn't even read my blog unless I tell him he can!

Valeta said...

That is nifty. *jealous*

Seems like it would be easier to clean then a big huge food processor.

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