September 14, 2008

The Ant Fiasco

We're one of those ratty families that lets their kids snack in the car and it's finally, after three years**, come back to bite us in the ass. Or, more appropriately, the arms/hands/ENTIRE BODY if you ask my daughter.

We went to leave this morning and I noticed a swarm of ants on my son's convertible carseat. Unfortunately for all involved, I freak out. I farking HATE ants. Creepy crawly bastards. My daughter needs no further prompting and starts freaking out too. Now we have two spazzing females and one irritated male. He's trying to brush out all the crumbs and ants from my baby's seat. I try to put my daughter in hers. Huh-uh. No way, no how, was she going to get in there what with the ants making light work of the very-old-cookie-laden cupholder on her booster seat.

Finally, we decide to pack it all in and haul cookies (please excuse the well-placed pun) to the nearest carwash. Sadly, the one across the street was packed to the gills, so we had to go to one a few minutes away. The whole drive there, I'm sitting with my knees together, my boobs scrunched together with my arms wrapped around my purse, and my eyes darting left and right like a Nervous Nelly, convinced that at any moment the ants'll go marching one by one across my shoulders.

Fast-forward to the carwash. My husband, for reasons still unbeknownst to me, insisted I stay outside and "talk" to him while he washed the car. We shared all of five words in 10 minutes. I caught a peek into the backseat and my daughter has flipped her lid. She's screaming, no, she's HOWLING in the backseat, flicking ants off her arms and legs. Poor baby. At this juncture, I really did feel bad. I know how bad the heebeejeebies can get and to be three and feeling it? :(

So my husband pulls the car up to the vacuum and if you thought there was mayhem before, you were wrong. We get her and my son out, as well as their carseats, and as I'm cleaning his, she's STILL shrieking like a banshee. She was having TREMORS. I had to show her both car seats, post cleaning, and the clean interior of the car before she stopped wailing and accepted that "mommy and daddy made the ants all gone."

The rest of the day was lovely! I got my hair cut, and so did Beth, and then we went to lunch at Chevy's. Mmm. Did some shopping at Walmart with the kids, came home, and then had to make a return trip to Walmart with my son to return the formula I bought because I got it home and discovered the metal lid under the plastic lid had been compromised.

All in all, a wonderful day.

**It hasn't been three years since we've cleaned out our car, just three years of feeding the child(ren) in the car. We cleaned it out a few months ago.


Denise said...

I FREAKIN' HATE ANTS. HATE HATE HATE HATE THEM. I LITERALLY have a phobia to them. Just reading your post made me feel like they were on me!

The other day I found 2 in my car! There is no food or water in my car - nor has there been in a VERY long time. How the hell did they get there!

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yucky!

I am glad they got cleaned out! And yay for hair cuts! :)

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh NO!! I let my kids snack in the car this what I have in store for me!?! How did they get IN there?? Gross. My daughters DESPISE bugs...I'm pretty sure they'd be scarred for the rest of their lives if this happened to them. Yuck.

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