September 3, 2008

Your Daily Dose of P.O.S.

That's "Piece Of Shit" for those who aren't familiar with that time-saving acronym.

"Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity." ~Edwin Hubbel Chapin

I was watching the RNC with my husband last night and when the topic about Sarah Palin's family - and consequently, her daughters pregnancy - came up, we started talking about how ironic it is that when a Democrat makes controversial decisions, "everybody" thinks that their personal life should be completely separate from their political life. Yet, when a Republican (or their kid) makes a controversial decision, suddenly everyone in that family should pay publicly for that decision. Clinton's trysts in the White House were supposed to be ignored because he was just so wonderful, but we're supposed to have this tainted view of Sarah Palin because their making her daughter own her decision and they're going to support her?

But that's not what I really want to talk about today. In talking about all this, we turned to the topic of abortion and Barack Obama's stance on it. Rob mentioned, in a not-so-offhand way, that Obama is in support of after-birth abortions. Naturally, that stopped me in my tracks. I knew he supported a woman's right to choose (as do most libs) but I had never heard of a politician who was in favor of this horrendous practice.

So I zipped over to the computer to research this claim. His website renounces the rumors, of course. That didn't satisfy me. I don't buy half of what any politicians website says - not even McCain's - and so I searched on. The next site on the list was an article by Jill Stanek. I'd never heard of her before but I figured if it was that far up on the list it had to be pertinent. I read it and was SHOCKED. Stunned. Horrified. Repulsed. Devastated. Broken. Then I found her blog. She's keeping tabs on him, as well as anything abortion-related.

This morning, I found this video:

If that video doesn't move you to tears (or if you're like me, heaving sobs and an unbearable sadness in your soul), then I'm suspect of the presence of your soul. How could he let things like this happen? How could anyone? I mean, if Sens. Kennedy, Clinton, all those way-left Democrats voted against it...and I thought Ted Kennedy was as far left as one could go. Guess I was wrong.

Please don't let this man become president. If he's willing to ignore this practice and not vote against it, you must surely realize that it's just the tip of the iceberg where his character is concerned. You all know abortion will never go away, too many people support a woman's right to choose. In cases of rape, incest, and danger to the mother's health, even I support it. But what's going on in those Illinois hospitals is unfathomable to me and as a mom of two wonderful kids...having watched them come into this world and seeing their eyes look up at me, trusting me to make everything okay, to hold them and to feel their spirit in my arms...I don't know how anyone could stand there and blindly support someone who would allow the inhumane, barbaric killings of babies to go on another day.


Amanda said...

and now for your daily does of the Dem party ;)

I don't know where it says in the constitution that the government has the right to control my reproductive organs, but I think I will stick to having the final say...What scares me about our next election is the possibly supreme court appointees that could come up. I don't think women should have abortions, but I don't think its the governments place to legislate.

Also, you talked about the double standard dealing with reps and dems...I had to laugh cuz I was just thinking the same thing but opposite. I was thinking the reps hammered the monica lewinsky thing down our throats (no pun intended) and went after the clintons for months and months, never finding what they were looking for (that was Whitewater byw) but when its their "scandal" (I don't think Palin having a prego daughter is a scandal but whatevs) its "personal"...goes to show you what a difference perspective makes!

Darcie said...

The point I was trying to make was that when Clinton was up to no good, the liberals were barking at the Reps for intruding on his personal business. When Palin's daughter gets knocked up, the reverse happens and they WANT to make the personal political. Guess they changed their minds? :)

And I don't want government legislating my uterus either, but I don't think abortion should be used as birth control. Only medically necessity and rape/incest cases should be allowed. And really, what I was getting at, was the partial birth abortions. A woman's right to choose ends when a live baby is born. If she doesn't want it, fine. It belongs to the state. But deciding to end the child's life AFTER it's born is going too far.

Minxy Mimi said...

I do not watch videos like that, but where is it proven and a fact that Obama supports this? I would like to see that. and for me PP is right on the money. Both sides will have scandals and both sides will accuse the other of smear tactics, and both sides will decry the lack of privacy. Its not a one party stance or issue by any means.

Amanda said...

just btw, I'm pretty sure its not deciding to end the child's life after its born, but undergoing an abortion where the child still ends up being born alive...most times not a healthy child either, children who are born after botched abortions are often disfigured or brain damaged. This percentage in also a very, very small percentage.

diana said...

didn't you say you were going to vote for fred thompson?

i don't believe abortion should be used as birth control either. however, if it were necessary, i'd have one. i'm not going to lie. that's the beauty of our many freedoms in this country.

i'm voting for obama, despite what he did or didn't do in the past. i've been a proud supporter of his since the very beginning.

Darcie said...

I was going to vote for Thompson. However, we were living in Brentwood during the primaries and we didn't register to vote out there so we never got our absentees. :(

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