September 17, 2008

"I only surround myself with people I find intellectually stimulating." - Vada Sultenfuss, My Girl

Smart girl, that Vada.

So I'm plucking this idea from Jo-Jo's blog. For once, my life is drama-free and I've nothing to rant about today, so I'm going to encourage you all to expand your blog roll. We could all use a few more distractions from being productive, right? Right.

Here's what you do: Pick four of your favorite blogs and visit their blog rolls. From each roll, pick one blog you've never read or commented on. Add them to your roll or feed and read them for a month, at which point you should enjoy reading them so much you wouldn't think of removing them. Then you post links here to the new blogs you're reading, and why you chose to read them, as well as whose blog roll you plucked them from.

The first blog I'm adding is from Jo-Jo and I chose Ann Again...and again. I chose her because I've seen her on many blog rolls and I figure she has to be good at what she does!

The next blog will be Sex Diairies of a Mom from Jen's blog because honestly, who could turn away from that title? Also because I wish I was as uininhibited as she, to freely write about my more...*ahem*...intimate life.

The number three spot goes to Mama Kiss from Denise's blog. I ended up choosing Mama Kiss because I'd read or commented on all of the other blog's on Denise's roll. Process of elimination!

And the final spot, and it's last only because I'm working my way through all my bookmarks, goes to The Tattooed Mama, because I am a tattooed mama. Not nearly as tattooed as this lovely lady, but I do have ink and want much more ink. Found her blog at Plunger Girl.

So go on, add blogs! Read! Be merry!


The Mom said...

I saw this at Jo-Jo's too! Cool idea, thanks for the shout!

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