September 26, 2008

When All's Said and Done

I'm tired, I'm bored, and my mind's a bit scrambled. Today, I offer you nuggets from my brain.


It's Debate Day. I sincerely hope McCain wisens up and goes to the debate. He needs to. It's all nice and valiant to say, "Washington needs me. Must go fix economy." But let's be honest here: it either will or won't get fixed and his presence, which has been fleeting over the last six months or so due to campaigning, isn't going to make a huge difference. He needs to skidaddle back down to Mississippi and tend to business; otherwise, I think he's making a fatal error. I'd rather see my guy at high noon with the guy I don't want in office than trying to be heroic in Washington. Who does McCain want to fix the economy come February? Himself or Obama? GO TO THE DEBATE, MAN.


I'm so damn tired of David Blaine. He's like that creepy kid you knew in high school but never spoke to for fear of having a spell cast over you. Always kind of mumbled to himself, didn't have many friends, yet thought he was really something special? Don't give me that look, you know you knew someone like that. David Blaine is just another magician trying to outdo other magicians. The difference is, he makes a national and televised spectacle of himself and always nearly dies because of said spectacle. You almost feel sorry for the guy. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend at our junior prom:

Ryan: Hey look, there's Joe Schmoe.
Me: Yep. Looks like he came stag.
Ryan: I feel bad for him, no one's talking to him.
Me: So go talk to him.
Ryan: Well I don't feel that bad.

Hey, I'm just being honest.


My husband's been offered a job at another company. He said, earlier this week, if he was offered enough money he might take it. His potential new boss calls this morning and leaves me this message for Rob: he'll pay him [exactly what he's getting paid now], insurance coverage will start in 60 days, and he'll be a shop guy.


Why would he leave the company he's been with for five years - and who are due to give him a raise very soon - to go work for a smaller company and be the EIGHTH guy in the shop (which, if you can't do the math, means he'll get no work and be low man on the totem pole) for the same amount of money? Someone needs to tell Coulda-Been New Boss to put down the bong.


I'm thinking of starting another blog, in conjunction with this one, regarding TV and movies. I'm a Certifiable Spud and I love both mediums. There's something on almost all days of the week that I watch - or will watch once all the supersized premieres are over - that I could comment on. I worry people will prefer Matt Roush over me. Funny how those folks at TV Guide always get more traffic than me. What do you think?


I'm hoping my mom will buy us gym memberships for Christmas this year. She knows how badly we both want one and how, at this point, just can't squeeze it into our budget. I would totally go to the gym every night - I love getting breaks from the chaos and an hour's trip to the gym would be jolly welcome!


I'm currently plotting on our tax refund for next year. On my short list: a new couch and furniture for the kid's room. For them, this means a twin bed for Beth, new pillows, night stands, a dresser, and possibly a new toybox. Ikea, here I come! I love their children's department.


That about covers it. Or, I'm thinking I'll go sit on the couch and read my new issue of Self. Or maybe watch the news; that's sure to infuriate my right-wing, the-media-is-biased self!


Diana said...

i know the guy you're talking about from prom...the same type of guy we used to secretly make fun of during school and once Columbine happened, we quickly shut our yaps...

david blaine's a douche anyways...

LazyCrazyMama said...

Haha! I have a blog where I write about tv shows, movies and entertainment type of stuff (for about the same reason), but it's my sadly neglected blog. I've probably managed about 10 posts in a year.
I'm so with you on the tax refund thing - we usually plan what we will spend the next one on right after we get the current one ;)

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