September 6, 2008

I'm Over It.

"It" being Dooce. I was introduced to her blog last year by my friend Valeta, and I thought she was absolutely hysterical. She was a terrific writer with a sharp wit and hell, she was (and, admittedly, is) the blogosphere's most notable blogger. Everyone knows Dooce. After a while, when I'd relate one of her posts to my husband, I started referring to her as Heather, as though we were friends (yes, I know we aren't). I really admired her and aspired to be as renowned.

But her post on September 4th has completely changed my opinion of her. I have no problem with liberals. I have problems with their views and ideas on politics but I can respect that people have opinions different from my own. My problem is that I don't think she respects any opinion that differs from hers or that challenges her ideas. Her Tweet from 09/05/2008, the day after the tirade: "Ratio of misspelled words to correctly spelled words in my inbox today: I don't think a number exists this high - to - one." I seriously doubt she was referring to all the glowing reviews she got from like-minded people.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how everybody raves about her, how wonderful she is, how funny she is, blah blah blah...and although she is funny, she's become a poster child for blogging and I guess maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of her. I want to read more of us mediocre bloggers. She doesn't have a blogroll. That bothers me. Maybe she feels she'd be inundated with requests to be rolled on such a popular blog or that people will feel she's playing favorites, but it bothers me that she can't be like the rest of us.

I don't know. I'm starting to ramble about this. I still love Redneck Mommy and Shannon and most of those other big-time bloggers, I guess mainly because they still seem real to me. Heather doesn't; she feels more like an idol, an untouchable. Bleh. I want to read people who blog every day about everyday things...the kids, dinner, prime time TV, the asshole at the mall, camping trips, etc.

So hit me up. Blog suggestions? I need new friends to live inside my computer. I doubt Heather will miss me. Heh.

**I'm sorry if any of you still love her to death. I did not mean to offend; these are just my honest feelings on the subject and I had to get them out there.


Mr Lady said...

I swear to god on high, I am NOT a big time blogger. Pinky swear.

I get what you're saying about Dooce, but just remember that this is a really heated political campaign and people are running on RAW emotions. I am certainly going to shove my foot into my mouth at some (several) point(s), and I hope I don't get too clobbered for it.

Laura said...

Read your post on Dooce, and thought you might be interested in seeing a non-partisan graphic that compares the details of McCain and Obama's tax plans.

The middle class will NOT, in fact see increased taxes, nor will Obama "tax the hell out of everyone" -just those making more than half a million dollars PER YEAR. Moreover, Obama's plan actually takes into account the need to balance the federal budget (i.e., start to pay down the massive debt we've incurred over the past eight years), and to establish long-term, *sustainable* solutions to economic problems such as gas prices, groceries (which are strongly impacted by rising energy costs) and the housing market. Proposals like McCain's "gas tax holiday" only provide a short-term solution, digging us deeper in the hole in the long run.

I hope that all voters will read up on these issues rather than accepting the "sound bytes" put out by both parties.

Anonymous said...

You know it only took a handful of times for me to read "her" blog before I was asking myself, "What is the big deal?"

If you want someone new to love, try She is hilarious and a very good hearted person as well.

Just my two "bytes" worth.


Plunger Girl said...

You're not alone on the Dooce-bit. I'm right there beside ya.

Two things that made my hackles rise by the comments...

1. I'm surprised you have a comment urging you to view a diagram surely meant to sway your beliefs. WEIRD!

2. Regardless of the heated nature of the debate, the heated nature of any debate or disagreement, it is NEVER okay to be condescending to other people. I've gotten so many emails from people telling me how her post was hurtful, rude, mean spirited, condescending, and so on. Her behavior was inexcusable.

Heather chose to act that way and she can reap the consequences. I'm curious to see if she'll apologize for her rudeness. (NEVER going to happen, I know.)

Super Blogger Girl! said...

Isn't it important to keep an open mind about people's opinions. Dooce apologized for pissing so many people off, but if thats how she feels well its her right to feel that way, and blogging is all about getting your thoughts out there, so to speak. I think it would be wise to set aside the political differences and be the bigger blogger by accepting her apology and trying to keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

I am not a blogher, but I love reading them. I did not read that particular one, but kept linking over because everyone was always raving about it and I found it not nearly as entertaining as many oher blog and wondered also what was the big deal.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

agree - I was over Dooce almost as soon as I started to read it!

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